The Activist and Scholar, Dr. Vincent Harding spoke of being a citizen of a country that does not yet exist, a country that we still have to create


The Artist and Philosopher, Dr. Maxine Greene spoke of always becoming, of being on the way, with the questions still not answered.

Inspired by these ideas, I take it up as my work to be a citizen of that country, to be an ambassador of that country, of that world that does not yet exist. I take it up as my work to support people and organizations as they do the difficult work of becoming, of being on the way, while sitting in the discomfort of questions still not answered

I take up this work through one on one coaching and group facilitation, through workshops and trainings, through immersive experiences and curriculum design. In taking up this work I bring an approach that honors the importance of seeing and holding multiple truths, that understands the world we live in through a systemic analysis, through a racial justice, economic justice, feminist, and liberation oriented lens that demands courage, compassion and curiosity. I take up this work with the perspective of an experiential educator, a restorative justice coach, a facilitator, and someone who is both deeply not okay with the world as it is, and determined to enjoy my time in it while I work to bring about the world that can be, that must be.