Workshops & Facilitation



Working Through Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any group process. It is not something to be feared but also not avoided. Jonah is available to work with your team to address ongoing or specific conflicts that may arise throughout the course of your work.

Working Towards Equity *

  • Introducing an Equity Lens

  • Working Towards Equity Workshop Series

  • Facilitated Accountability Groups

  • Anti-Semitism & White Supremacy

Facilitated Conversations

Jonah is available to hold space for whatever conversation your group is needing to have at the point you are along your journey. These kinds of conversations are not necessarily conflicts although it is likely that conflict will emerge in these conversations but they can also be community building conversations, decision making conversations, or strategy sessions.

Skills Workshops

  • Don’t Call it a Conflict **

  • Offering Sound Feedback **

  • Building & Maintaining a Strong Team Culture **

  • The Five Lenses of Facilitation

  • Relationship Building for Educators

  • Being Present in Difficult Conversations

Community Building

We could all use a little bit of summer camp in our lives. Jonah is available to bring fun and thought-provoking activities to your team.

Note on Joy and Levity

Although many of these sessions focus on serious topics, I believe that it is essential to infuse joy, levity, and a little physicality into all of this work. Whether through, games, jokes, or dancing, I design all of these sessions to have us all feeling lighter when we walk out. The issues will likely not be fully resolved but these workshops and facilitated sessions can be a place for us to pause and find the deep joy of human connection that allows us the strength to continue our work towards building that world that does not yet exist, but that must one day exist.

Customized Workshops

Jonah is available to work with your team to design a workshop that addresses the needs of your team or staff.

Notes on Co-facilitation

* Equity workshops are co-facilitated. Because of the nature of this work I believe that it is important for the work to be carried out in partnership both so that all of the needs of the group can be met, and so that multiple perspectives can be shared, biases can be avoided, and partnership can be modeled.

** These skills workshops were co-designed and are best when co-facilitated with Brett Gurwitz